Lack of Color Womens The Fader Fedora Hat

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Lack of Color Womens The Fader Fedora Hat Description

Our classic luxe fedora style is an easy and accessible staple piece. Featuring a tall crown design in soft structured wool with a sewn edge and finished with premium gold stud detail and genuine leather band. If your hat becomes bent out of shape, you can easily reshape it using steam. The steam used can be from a garment steamer (preferable) or an iron (using the steaming function). To flatten the brim, simply steam the under-brim of your hat and let it lay on a flat surface overnight or until dry. You can then also steam the top side of the brim and let it sit flat for a further period of time. To fix a dent in the crown, apply steam and use your hands to mould it into the desired shape, then let dry. The felt that the hat is made from has been treated with a stiffening agent and once this agent is reactivated by the steaming process, the hat will regain its original state and shape.

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