Dillian Womens Vintage Floral Wedding Party Cotton Handkerchiefs,30pcs

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Dillian Womens Vintage Floral Wedding Party Cotton Handkerchiefs,30pcs Description

Package Quantity:30 FTSUCQ fancy 100% cotton ladies handkerchiefs come in a variety of floral prints. You can carry this all day and night with fashionable design floral design. Fine quality and its machine wash care is very eco friendly. FTSUCQ Brand Story FTSUCQ is Fashion Top Shop US. CQ From baby to girl, grow to be women, need 12 months, 12 years, and three decades. A brand created in a small warehouse by a single girl who has a dream that buy a small apartment of her own in a big city. In her country, most girls who want a house or a room of their own, must choose marriage, and single girl will be discriminated by most people. Like most girls, she has been looking forward to love, but she also hope to come true her dream via her own effort but marriage without love. At the beginning, she has not enough money to rent a nice office to start her business, she has to chose a small warehouse with low rent. As well as she has not money for employment, she has to do all work that from boss, customer service agent, packing staff. To guarantee service quality, she chose FBA service offered by Amazon, she spend most time noticing the product quality and customer feedback, then improve the product per customer review. Now she has owned a normal company and more than 30 staffs, and as well as she has come true her dream to has a house of her own. she said that she hope all girls can own love, and nice marrage, but when love is absent, girls should pursue and spare no effort to do something she wants to, because youth is short, love can wait, but youth not. That is a simple decade business stories for a girl, who create the brand, looking forward to love and family. Like most girls, she used 12 month from baby to girl, and 12 years to study, and now decade to come true her dream.

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