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Product Description Here’s a technical fiber head scarf with almost infinite uses. This versatile fabric wrap can be worn as a headband, neck gaiter, balaclava, cap, wristband or scrunchy, among many other uses. Its polyester microfiber wicks moisture and insulates against heat and cold. Machine washable. Imported from Spain. Amazon.com The inspiration of an off-road motorcyclist who wanted the perfect piece of headgear for all riding conditions, Buff’s technical fiber headscarf is versatile, comfortable, and lightweight. The Buff headscarf is made from 100-percent polyester microfiber, with a tubular design that can be worn as a headband, neck gaiter, balaclava, cap, face mask, wristband, and scrunchy, among dozens of possible uses. Even better, the polyester fabric wicks away moisture to keep you cool when it’s hot, but also insulates against cold when the weather turns. It’s so versatile that it’s considered an essential piece of headwear by several Survivor contestants, who have used it to protect them from the elements in tropical locales. The Buff was designed by Spanish motorcyclist Juan Rojas, who developed a special tubular loom that achieves a unique seamless construction. This not only creates a particularly comfortable garment, but also an extremely durable one. The company also uses a sublimation process to transfer designs onto the headgear, ensuring that the material retains its soft feel without the fabric fading when exposed to the elements. Finally, the Buff is machine-washable for easy cleaning, and is designed to maintain its elasticity through the years. Wind-resistant and tough, the original Buff headgear measures 20.7 by 9.6 inches and weighs 1.2 ounces.

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